• Free shipping On orders over 99€
  • Warranty on all Products
  • High Quality Spanish Tiles in Ireland
  • Free shipping On orders over 99€
  • Warranty on all Products
  • High Quality Spanish Tiles in Ireland

About us

After years of experience in the wall and floor tile industry, we can say without hesitation that whatever you are looking for, we will point you in the right direction.

Why Us? 

We have overseen many wall and floor tile projects successfully, making ourselves available both to professionals who know exactly what they need and to first-time customers who need additional support.

No matter how far along you are in this process, we will make the full range of our expertise and knowledge available to you, guaranteeing that you end up with exactly what you want for your new floor or wall.

We maintain a world-class stock of supplies, running all of our products through a strict quality check before we ever pass them along to our customers. Sourcing Spanish materials, we have partnered with professionals who take their business just as seriously as we take ours. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We understand that our customers trust us to adhere to a high production standard, and we value that trust immensely, doing everything in our power to follow through on it and keep the promises that we make.

From delivering in accordance with the schedules that we set to offering insight into the wall and floor tile selection processes, you can count on an outstanding experience when you are working with us. 

We Follow Latest Trends

Because we have served so extensively in the Irish market, we understand all the latest trends and which options function best in Irish homes, offices, and properties. We are retail professionals by trade, and our grasp of customer service concepts is firm.

You can move forward with your project confident that we are on your side, invested in figuring out what your specific needs are and devoted to making this process as comfortable as possible for you.



We Love Our Customers :)

Our workmanship is second to none, and priding ourselves on the results that we deliver for our customers, we are ambitious entrepreneurs who view every project as an opportunity to continue to build our reputation in the Irish market.

We focus on our customers above all else, putting your preferences and vision first and then devising a strategy for your wall or floor project from there. Offering full consultation services, we oversee design, installation, and everything in between – your one-stop shop for all your wall and floor needs.

To learn more about what we can do for you as you move forward on your wall or floor project, contact us today.